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The meditation centre

Dhamma Rasmi ('Rasmi' means ray of light or sunshine) is in a beautiful sub-tropical area known as the Sunshine Coast, 140 km north of Brisbane.

Forty acres were purchased in 1989 and another twenty acres in 1993. The land is gently sloping and partly timbered, with a small tree-lined creek. Facilities include

  • a high-ceiling octagonal hall for 80 students
  • 22 meditation cells
  • single room with ensuite accommodation for 21
  • single room accommodation for 12
  • twin share accommodation for approximately 20 and servers' rooms
  • a kitchen/dining building, and
  • a reception/administration area.
  Kitchen and dining block, Dhamma Rasmi

Accommodation, Dhamma Rasmi  

A minimum of two courses are held at the centre each month; they include 10 day, 3 day, children's, Satipatthana and 20 day courses. A growing number of students have settled in the area and assist with the management of the centre, as well as benefiting from meditating in the peaceful atmosphere. Other frequent visitors are kangaroos and smaller marsupials, including koalas, who live in the eucalypt forest nearby.


Vipassana Centre Queensland, Dhamma Rasmi
PO Box 119, Pomona QLD 4568, Australia
Tel. [61] (7) 5485 2452
Fax [61] (7) 5485 2907
Email: info@rasmi.dhamma.org
Website: http://www.rasmi.dhamma.org/
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